Although we all know that change is constant and inevitable, adjusting to new or changing life phases or transitions can be quite difficult and may evoke feelings such as fear, doubt, or uncertainty. Transitions force us to make changes in our lives, and often when people are asked to make changes, they respond with resistance. Change is the unknown, and often people fear what is unknown or different. Difficulty with change or adjustment can be the response to a negative life change (such as the loss of a family member or the loss of a relationship), or it can be the response to a seemingly positive life change (such as pregnancy or the birth of a baby, getting a new job, getting married, or sending our kids away to college). While change is constant and always around us, adjusting to life changes and transitions can be quite stressful and difficult. Having the support of therapy during difficult or stressful life changes can help a person better adjust to change and adopt coping strategies to better deal with the stress that change brings. Therapy can help with putting closure to the ending of a phase and assist with moving forward and starting a new phase. While we tend to want to avoid difficult feelings and emotions that change brings, therapy can help with encouraging the person to move through the feelings and emotions, helping the person to recognize that there is life, happiness, and fulfillment on the other side. While transitions may be challenging and can feel uncomfortable, stressful, and sometimes as if we are pushed to our limits, it is important to remember that change requires us to develop new skills and abilities and change causes us to grow. If you find yourself having difficulty adjusting to a change or transition, to the point that it begins interfering with your relationships, job, or daily life, it may be time to reach out for help. I strive to create a safe and supportive environment where I help clients move through transitions, put closure to the past, accept change, and move on in life.