Relationship Difficulties

Having close relationships with other people (whether it be a romantic partner, spouse, child, parent, or friend) can be among the most joyous and fulfilling experiences of our lives or it can be among the most stressful. We all seek closeness with others, but when these relationships become difficult, stressful, or filled with tension, it may be time to seek outside help.

Relationships with others requires work and a commitment from both parties to put the time and energy into improving the connection with each other. Particular difficulties that intimate partners (either married or dating) often face can include financial stress, difficulty in communication, lack of trust, reconnecting after having children, parenting differences, arguments about "petty" issues, or recovery after an infidelity. People often make the decision to reach out for therapy when the issues with their partner have become overwhelming, when they want to work on improving the relationship but they just can't do it alone, or when they are considering ending the relationship.

My job in approaching couples or relationship therapy is to not take sides or figure out who is to "blame" for the problems that exist. Together we will discuss the goals each person brings to therapy and I will help to facilitate effective listening and communication between couples so each person feels heard and listened to in a safe environment. Couples or relationship therapy is most effective when each person is committed to the process, agrees to engage in honest communication, and agrees to work on taking personal responsibility for his/her part in the difficulty with your partner. People often comment that it can be extremely helpful to have an "outsiders perspective" on their relationship and to have an unbiased third party attend to a couples’ communication style and offer guidance and support in working through and resolving difficult issues. I have helped many couples navigate through various difficulties and find more peace, connectedness, and fulfillment in their relationships with their partners.