Here are some comments from former and current clients:

"I had been curious to talk to a therapist for a bit. I always thought it would be beneficial to have an outside party just listening and digesting my thoughts & actions with me. When circumstances caused my life to be especially messy and overwhelming, and I just felt so lost, I finally found Allison. Three years later, I still go to Allison to keep me on point - individually and with my partner.  It has strengthened my relationship with my partner tremendously and left me a much more peaceful person today.  I am more aware of my own emotions and behaviors, communicate better, & have more clarity into the person I am, and want to be.  I could never thank Allison enough because she truly has been a main contributor to a lot of the positive things, decisions and people I have in my life today." -M.R.


"Allison has been my go to over the years when I have needed guidance on anything from professional roadblocks to life transitions to stress management. I always feel supported and listened to no matter how insignificant the problem may appear.  After each appointment I am truly grateful for my new found sense of clarity and confidence to tackle the problem at hand. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking change in their life or just a kind ear to listen." -Hillary


"When I came to see Dr. Schechter, I was not even sure I wanted to make changes in my life, I only knew I needed a safe space to be myself and say what was going on in my head. Allison provided that steady, non-judgmental, open space in which I really felt heard. At times, when I was ready, she brought into the sessions her insight and experience as a therapist, and I benefited a great deal from these as I started to make my own way. I particularly benefited from the techniques she showed me of how to consolidate progress at each step as I started to grow into more of who I wanted to be. Since beginning work with Dr. Schechter my day-to-day experience of life is better, each one of my primary relationships has improved, and I am starting to take action on long-term career goals, even though when I first came to her that seemed too far out of reach for me to imagine." -Heidi


"I had been to 3 or 4 different therapists before meeting Allison, and was really skeptical about the whole thought of 'therapy.'  3 years later I’m in a much better place emotionally and in my relationship and she has been a huge part of that.  She’s really good at getting you to understand the root cause of issues and how to manage them and not just provide a quick fix.  She focuses on you as an individual opposed to judging and making assumptions.  I couldn’t recommend her more for anyone who’s going through some turmoil in their life and would like to be better." -Andy 


"My husband and I have been in couples counseling for over a year with Allison. We find her to be an excellent facilitator.... a natural!  Allison is also an extremely good listener who knows just the right questions to ask to stimulate a conversation. We have benefitted greatly from our sessions." -Mr. and Mrs. D


"I first considered seeing a counselor because I was having issues in my current relationship. At first I wasn't sure how I would feel, or if it would even help. I have been seeing Allison for a few months now and it has improved my outlook drastically. I am able to see things in a positive and clear manner, and it's good for my significant other and I to be able to discuss things with a third party without feeling like we're being judged, and any time we have gone in for a session, we have never left disappointed. I feel it has made us stronger as a couple!" -Lindsey